These are the amazing responses we received when we asked you what miracles God had done in your life, and we're honored to have shared some of your stories through our Victory Project!

We always love hearing what God has done in your life. If you didn't get the opportunity to send one in for this project, we encourage you to share your story anyway! No miracle is too small!
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Omar & Lizbeth Guerra

Alan Schneider

Brandon Garza

Cristina Munguia

Aaron & Danielle Soto

Alan Weber

Audrey Munoz

Eli & Sandra Rodriguez

Gidalti Negrete

Joey & Deserae Garza

Julie Carter

Lynnie Ashar

Ricardo Garza

Wendy Elizondo

Josh Zepeda

Jotham Reyna

Karen Kulshner

Monica Tamez

Traci Linares

Yadira Rodriguez


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