Event Request Form | 4 WEEKS IN ADVANCE

Example: Water Baptism  •  Ignite Movie Night  •  Kidz Youth Camp

Cancelled Event Form

If your event is cancelled or postponed, please notify us as soon as possible so we can relay the information.

Graphics Request Form

Example: Promo Flier  •  Poster  •  Title Slide • T-shirt Designs

Tip: Any material, printed In-House or Out-Sourced, is a PRINT MATERIAL.

Graphics Update Request Form

Need changes on an existing digital graphic or print material? Use this handy form below! It's a lot easier than the Graphics Request Form, I promise.

Project/Event Review Form

This form is not mandatory, but recommended for use after any project or event. It's a general form to provide feedback, ideas, or solutions for future use for recurring projects/events.

Technical Service Request Form

Tshirt Request Form

This form is for placing a request for an order with an existing logo. If you need a design done, please fill out a Graphics Request.

Videography Meeting Request Form

Example: Promotional Video • Testimony Video • Recap Video • Social Media Promo

Website/Page Request Form

Requesting an additional page on our website for your department or ministry, or requesting a sister site.

Website Update Request Form

Example: Updating information  •  Adding Information  •  Adding Event  •  Removing Information


Systems & Handbooks

Here are just a few of the systems we have in place. Please refer to back to these when needed or for training purposes.


Go ahead and download these resources! We've put them here for you to use them and take charge of your department and ministry!




Colors | Colors by shade



Design Tips | 13 tips to help you design



Develop.Me | How to create and achieve goals



Core Values | Defining your department's core values

Personality | Defining your department's personality


Project Brief

Project Brief | Questions and things to consider for planning a project


Social Media

Facebook | Facebook for churches

Social Media Calendar | A guide to creating a social media calendar

Checklist | A daily, weekly, monthly checklist

Platform Checklist | A checklist for marketing on different platforms



Terms | Technical terms used for office and design work

Design Terms | 99 Descriptive design terms



Lessonly | The Training Plan Playbook



GIF | Cheap, Good, Fast projects.


Writing • Copy • Verbiage

Promotional Copy | 10 tips on writing effective promotional copy

Writing Copy | A detailed copywriting brief

Tone of Voice | How to find your voice

E-book | How to feed the content beast

Grammarly | Spelling & Grammar checker



Kanban Task List (aka the Post-It system)

This is a method used in multiple departments to help you visualize the amount of work you and your team have.