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Example: Water Baptism  •  Ignite Movie Night  •  Kidz Youth Camp

Cancelled Event Form

If your event is cancelled or postponed, please notify us as soon as possible so we can relay the information.

Graphics Request Form

Example: Promo Flier  •  Poster  •  Title Slide • T-shirt Designs

Tip: Any material, printed In-House or Out-Sourced, is a PRINT MATERIAL.

Project/Event Review Form

This form is not mandatory, but recommended for use after any project or event. It's a general form to provide feedback, ideas, or solutions for future use for recurring projects/events.

Technical Service Request Form

Videography Meeting Request Form

Example: Promotional Video • Testimony Video • Recap Video • Social Media Promo


Go ahead and download these resources! We've put them here for you to use them and take charge of your department and ministry!




Colors | Colors by shade



Design Tips | 13 tips to help you design



Flowchart | So you need a typeface?



Develop.Me | How to create and achieve goals



Core Values | Defining your department's core values

Personality | Defining your department's personality


Project Brief

Project Brief | Questions and things to consider for planning a project


Social Media

Facebook | Facebook for churches

Social Media Calendar | A guide to creating a social media calendar

Checklist | A daily, weekly, monthly checklist

Platform Checklist | A checklist for marketing on different platforms



Terms | Technical terms used for office and design work

Design Terms | 99 Descriptive design terms



Lessonly | The Training Plan Playbook



GIF | Cheap, Good, Fast projects.


Writing • Copy • Verbiage

Promotional Copy | 10 tips on writing effective promotional copy

Writing Copy | A detailed copywriting brief

Tone of Voice | How to find your voice

E-book | How to feed the content beast

Grammarly | Spelling & Grammar checker



We're in the process of using/finding new companies for print materials. Please bear with me as I get the resources ready. Feel free to research different websites. 

T-shirts | Images In Ink | Viola Hanshaw, 956-330-3725 | 1200 E Hackberry Ave, McAllen, TX 78501 (with MGM)

Rack Cards | 48HourPrint | 4"w x 9"h | 14pt/15pt paper | Coated Matte or Coated Gloss | C2S not C1S | Double-Sided | No Spot UV | These specs apply to most companies. They may word it a bit differently, so let me know if you have questions.

Banners | The Sign Depot | 956-687-7446 | Wide Format Print - X-stand Tradeshow Banner, 27"w x 64"h grommets in each corner.