What is Water Baptism?

The word baptism comes from the Greek word “baptizo” which means to immerse or dip. To baptize something, then, means to submerge it in a liquid. In a biblical sense, to baptize a person in water means to put that person completely under the water, then immediately raise them up again.

According to the Bible, water baptism is a symbolic act whereby a new Christian identifies with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Water baptism is an outward expression of a person’s repentance and faithin Jesus Christ and letting others know what God has done in their hearts.

What Does Water Baptism Signify?

By going down in the water, we illustrate that our old man is dead to sin and buried by faith in Christ. As a result, we are free from our old master Satan. By being raised up out of the water, we show that our new man is raised by the Spirit and made alive by faith in Christ. Since our new Master is the Lord Jesus, we commit to walk in righteousness (not by our old ways and fleshly habits but by our new life in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling our spirit).

Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

Some people insist that water baptism is essential for salvation. However, this is incorrect. You see, salvation is and always has been about faith in Jesus Christ. You must be “baptized into Christ” in order to be saved; however, this is not the same as being “baptized in water.” Water baptism is purely an outward sign of God’s cleansing work in a person’s heart, and is therefore meaningless without a prior spiritual baptism into Christ.

What about Infant Baptism

If the purpose of Baptism is to publicly identify a believer in Jesus Christ, you may well be asking yourself, “What was the significance of my Baptism as a baby?” In the Bible, we find parents bringing their children to Jesus. He held them and prayed for them and told us to welcome them. But He did not baptize them, and He did not tell anyone else to baptize them. Baptism is for those who have made a personal decision to trust Christ alone for their salvation.

If you were baptized as a child, it was the intent of your parents that you would one day be a follower of Christ. Your Baptism as an adult can be viewed as the fulfillment of your parents’ wishes. It in no way repudiates the Baptism you received as a child.

We do allow children to be baptized, but not children younger than 8 years of age.

If you have more questions concerning infant baptism or allowing your child to be baptized, please call our office and someone will be glad to take the time to answer all your questions.

Instructions for Baptism Day:

  • Water Baptisms are held immediately following worship on Wednesday night at various times throughout the year.
  • There is a Baptism class that is held during the regular service before you are baptized.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing & shorts to be baptized in. (Pants are acceptable, but are often very heavy after they become wet.) Please, No White clothing, as it is not modest after becoming wet.
  • Things to bring: towel, bag with change of clothes, flip-flops/slip-on shoes.
  • After you are baptized, someone will help you to the restroom to change clothes.
  • You will receive a certificate of baptism in the mail.